Get more comments and traffic with CommentLuv Premium Plugin For WordPress

The best WP plugin to bring traffic to your blog and get quality backlinks

What is CommentLuv Premium?

Get More Traffic With CommentLuv PremiumThis premium WordPress plugin enhances your comment form by giving your readers a chance to leave a backlink to one of their most recent blog posts automatically along with their comment.

It has advanced anti spam features that will protect you from bot and human spam.

It will entice your readers to virally share your posts on the social networks by offering them dofollow links and a wider choice what post they can backlink to if they share your post on Google Plus, Facebook and twitter.

Your readers can leave their twitter name and have it included on every comment they leave.

Trackbacks are checked and you have advanced control over what gets let through by utilizing the advanced rulesets to check the origin IP and page content.

You can offer linked keywords to people that leave a certain amount of comments and you can help bring more traffic to your blog by only offering enticements like dofollow backlinks to repeat commenters.

Who uses CommentLuv?

The plugin is installed on 10’s of thousands of blogs by every kind of blogger so you can be sure to find someone out there in your niche that will give you a little bit of luv every time you comment.

What blogs can run CommentLuv?

There are versions that run on WordPress and IntenseDebate so no matter what platform you are on you are able to add it to your blog and start bringing in more traffic when people see they can get more by commenting on your site.

What advantages does having CommentLuv Premium bring?

You get advanced features exclusive to premium users like ;

  • Social enticements that help your blog posts got go viral
  • Advanced anti spam features
  • Built in trackback validation
  • Integrated Keywordname
  • Integrated Twitterlink
  • Access to exclusive member only forums
  • much much more!

How much does it cost?

You can get a lite version for FREE
A single site license costs just $67
A mutli site license costs just $87
And for a limited time, you can get the unlimited license version for $97

Can I see a demo? 

Sure! just see this demo post and add your details to the comment form and start to type a comment.

Will I get help?

Of course, we have fanatical support and give all customers a high priority on their support tickets. Support is provided in the forums and dedicated support ticket system.

Where can I get it