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Contest dates : Month of October
Prize : CommentLuv Premium Multi Site License + ABL Plugin
Platform : Facebook

You can win yourself a lifetime license for CommentLuv Premium and the Anti-backlinker plugin.

Say goodbye to spam and say hello to more comments and traffic!

CommentLuv Premium

This plugin combines multiple plugins in one to encourage comments, increase social sharing and fight spam.

Installed on tens of thousands of blogs around the world and used by millions, this is one plugin that can help you get more readers to your blog and brings you in to the massive CommentLuv community.

It includes:

  • An advanced version of CommentLuv
    • Social enticements
    • Dofollow Control
    • Custom info panels


  • An advanced version of Twitterlink
    • Automatic theme integration
    • Dofollow Control
    • Profile integration

Twitterlink comments advanced

  • An advanced version of GASP
    • Advanced heurisitics
    • Trackback Vailidation
    • Custom Warnings

GASP anti spam plugin

  • An advanced version of KeywordName
    • Minimum Comment requirement
    • Custom link format
    • Cleans @ type comment names


  • An advanced version of ReplyMe
    • Daily email limit
    • Custom Triggering
    • First Comment Redirect and Email


+ Anti-Backlinker Plugin

A brand new plugin to combat the new wave of spambots by allowing you complete control over who gets a backlink when they comment.

You can restrict the links in comments unless the user already has a certain amount of comments or if they don’t have a gravatar or a number of different criteria

It has these among it’s features :

  • Gravatar Check
  • Moderated comment count restriction
  • Multiple advanced criteria checks

Here’s a full minute tour of all the features (click to expand)

Video Tour

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