TwitterLink Comments

Integrate the ability to allow your readers to leave the twitter names along with their comment and get more followers and comments

Twitterlink allows your users to leave their twitter name along with their comment and have it displayed in the place you specify on every comment that they have made. They only need to add it once and all comments will show it.

It is just one of the plugins that has been improved and added as part of the CommentLuv Premium plugin.

Here are some of the features :

WordPress 3.0 Compatible Comment Form Functions 

One of the worst things about customizing WordPress is that you have to actually do the customizing and hope that it doesn’t break! With the integrated TwitterLink comments plugin of CommentLuv Premium you don’t need to do any customizing! Just select the type of theme that you want and it adds the field automagically

add twitter field to the comment form with twitterlink

Multiple ways to add the field to your form using the integrated functions available to WordPress 3+

Complete control over Twitter link format and behaviour

You can change everything about the link from where it’s displayed, the HTML before and after the link, if it opens in a new window, if it’s dofollowed and even choose to add it yourself by adding code to your theme (example code is given)


You can choose to change everything about the link from position to dofollow

Add a profile field for your registered users

If you run a multi author site or require people to be registered to comment then you wont have the fields showing on the comment form. Twitterlink allows you to add a field in the users profile page for their twitter name so they always have it showing on all their comments

Add a profile page field for twitter

Add a profile page field for twitter




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