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CommentLuv Premium is a popular WordPress plugin that will magnetize your readers, socialize your comments and viralize your posts!

Reward your readers and have fine grain control over dofollow, keywords in the name and the ability to add twitter names to comments.

It includes some of the most advanced anti spam features to protect you from bots and sophisticated heuristics to prevent human spam which has been proven to dramatically decrease the amount of spam that a blog gets.

Engagement will increase and your rankings will improve when Google sees how many comments get replies and guest authors will never miss a comment on their contributed posts.

It has been downloaded over 700000 times and there are 10’s of thousands of active blogs out there waiting to give you advanced backlink features once you install CommentLuv Premium to your site. Full 30 day money back guarantee!

The plugin combines 8 plugins in to one including..

CommentLuv For WordPress CommentLuv Premium with added features to help your posts go viral, get more traffic and reward your readers and unlock advanced backlink features on every CommentLuv blog.
GASP anti spam plugin Advanced version of the popular anti spambot plugin GASP. With added advanced heuristics to help prevent human generated spam from ever getting near your blog.
Twitterlink comments advanced Increase your followers and help your readers to increase theirs by displaying their twitter name in their comments. Automatic so you don’t need to edit your theme files. (WP3+)
KeywordName Allow keywords in the names of comment authors but only if they’ve made a certain amount of comments or have registered to your site. Rewards your readers even more!
ReplyMe Send an email to users when they get a direct reply to their comment. Guest authors are automatically sent an email when someone makes a comment on one of their posts
Single Site (personal site) Unlimited Sites (owned by you)



CommentLuv Premium

CommentLuv Premium

CommentLuv Premium Benefits

Encourages Comments

Rewards your readers and encourages them to come back and comment again
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Unlocks Advanced Features

Gives you more posts to choose from on every CommentLuv blog
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Dofollow Control

Advanced fine grain control over the dofollow attribute on commenters links
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Posts & Pages

You can have CommentLuv on posts or pages
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Custom Info Panel

Set your own information in the info panel that shows on comments on other peoples sites
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Favorite Pages

Have up to 5 of your best posts and pages always available in the drop down list
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Click Stats

See which of your links are getting clicks and on what posts they were clicked on
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Automatic Updates

One click updates that are available for the life of the product for one payment.
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Get Repeat Commenters

When your readers see they get rewarded for leaving a comments they will be sure to come back and comment again!

Other readers will discover their blogs and will want to experience the same thing so it encourages even more comments.

CommentLuv has been proven to help increase the interactions with your blog when combined with a basic comment strategy

Unlock thousands of sites

Unlocks over 50000 blogs

When you comment on any of the 50000+ CommentLuv blogs (free or premium) they will detect that your site is using CommentLuv Premium and always show you up to 10 of your recent posts AND up to 5 of your favorite posts or pages.

This means you can get advanced control over the exact post or page that you want to leave as a backlink on your comment on EVERY CommentLuv enabled blog out there.

Socially entice people to share your posts

Entice people to share your posts

You can give people more posts to choose from or dofollow their links if they share your posts on social networks and when readers see that other people have done so they will want to also.

This helps your posts to go viral and you can even choose what gets displayed on the users facebook wall or what they tweet and after they tweet, you can automatically recommend that they follow you.

Fine grain control over dofollow links

Prevent fly-by commenters who are only after a dofollow link by setting advanced rules.

You can set it so they need to have at least x number of comments or they socially shared the post or registered to your site.

Reward only the people that matter most to your blog and that's the repeat visitor and those that are proven to leave good quality comments.

Enable on posts or pages or both

Enable on posts or pages

You can have the CommentLuv features on posts or pages or both. (Or none at all)

Control where the badge appears and how many posts the commenter gets to choose from.

Set it to be on for everyone or only when they tick the box.

Custom info panel

Custom Info Panel

You are able to choose your own text and even include links and images in your description.

Everywhere that you comment on a CommentLuv blog that shows info panels it will show your own information and it updates the moment you update it on your own site.

You can even set the info panel to display some of your favorite posts and pages too!

See it here, hover your mouse over the heart

Andy Bailey recently posted..CommentLuv PremiumMy Profile

Sticky posts always available

Sticky Pages & Posts

You can set up to 5 of your favorite posts and pages to be always returned when you comment on ANY CommentLuv blog.

This is useful if you have a sales or landing page that you want to leave as your link when you comment.

The list gets updated immediately so you can change the list of sticky posts in your settings and you're able to choose it on the next comment you make.

Link stats

Integrated Click Stats

See which of your last blog posts links are getting clicks and on what pages.

Any time your last blog posts links gets clicked (even on free commentluv sites) a signal is sent back to your blog so it records exactly where it was clicked.

Revisit the sites that are sending you the most clicks and get even more!

Automatic Updates

Easy one click updates

When you get notified of an update you can easily install the latest and greatest version by clicking a button in your dashboard.

CommentLuv Premium is in constant development and regularly adds new features and functions to keep you at the cutting edge of technology.

All updates are free for the lifetime of the product and you never have to pay to renew your license.

G.A.S.P Premium Benefits (included free)

Anti-Bot Defense

Advanced protection against spam bots and automated comment scripts.
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Trackback Validation

Make sure the site sending the trackback is the site being mentioned.
More >>

Captcha Free

Don't force your readers to have to read and enter weird shapes and letters.
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Human Anti-Spam

Advanced heuristics to help prevent human "Mechanical Turks"
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Deny Spam Hunters

Prevent comments from visitors searching for 'dofollow' and other terms
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Trackback Log

See the last 50 trackbacks and the reason they were rejected or accepted
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Anti Bot Protection

Protection against spam bots and scripts

Commenting has become a valuable way to get attention to sites because of the link that each comment leaves behind which is why so many bots and scripts try to leave automated comments on all blogs that accept them.

Premium GASP has special code that it adds to the comment form which can only be seen by humans and so bots and scripts that try to submit their spam comments direct to your blog wont have the code and therefore the comment wont even get through the first gate!

Advanced trackback validation

Advanced Trackback Validation

Eliminate fake trackbacks by checking to see if the IP of the computer that is sending the trackback matches the IP of the site being mentioned inside the trackback.

Go even further and parse the originating page to see if it actually has a link to your site on the page.

The plugin also has advanced fake trackback checking for sites using dodgy plugins that add hidden links back to your site to get a trackback.

Captcha free comments

Easy human check

Don't annoy your readers by forcing them to enter complicated captcha challenges.

A simple checkbox is all that is needed from your readers to confirm that they are not a bot.

Bots and scripts cannot see this checkbox so they can't tick it!

Human spam protection

Advanced Human Anti-Spam

Premium GASP has a number of heuristics that you can customize to prevent the growing trend by spammers to use cheap labour to blast blogs with spam including...

  • * Prevent copy/paste comments by requiring that a certain amount of keypresses
  • * Prevent being blasted with comments by requiring a user to be on the page for a certain amount of time before commenting
  • * Restrict the amount of URLs that are entered in to the comment
  • * Require a minimum amount of words in the comment
  • * Set a maximum amount of words in the name field
  • .. and more

Prevent spam hunters

Prevent Spam Hunters

Many spammers find blogs that have comments enabled by searching for certain terms on Google, Yahoo, Baidu and MSN.

You can send a warning to visitors if they use any of the banned terms that you set in a search engine to find your site.

Trackback log

Detailed Trackback Log

See up to 50 of the last trackbacks sent to your blog and the reasons why the were rejected or accepted.

This gives you detailed analysis of all trackbacks and allows you to see which sites (if any) are trying to take advantage of your blog

TwitterLink Premium Benefits (included free)

Automatically Changes Form

No need to edit your theme to add the extra field for the users Twitter name
More >>

Choice of Link Positions

Set the users Twitter link to be after the name or before/after the comment text.
More >>

Easily Change / Remove

Update the name once and it changes everywhere it is shown.
More >>

Automatic Comment Form Modification

Automatically Change Comment Form

No need to edit any files if you're using a WordPress 3.0+ theme. Choose where it goes and how it displays.

Completely manual control if required by adding a tiny piece of code wherever you want the field to show or let the plugin add a box for you automatically and it will take care of the rest.

Choice of where to position the username

Choose where to display

You have 3 different choices of where to position the users Twitter name.

It can go after the name or before or after the comment text.

You can even set the exact text that gets used.

Easy update and change

Easy update, change and removal

Admin can remove all instances of a users twittername with one click.

A user can update their twittername by entering in the new value on their next comment and it'll update over the whole blog wherever it appears.

KeywordName Premium Benefits (included free)

Allow only for regular readers

You can set to allow keywords in the name after the user has made x comments
More >>

Set your own rules text

You can set whatever text you like to appear under the comment form using [tags]
More >>

Deny all keywords in names

You can even deny all keywords in names so they get stripped out
More >>

Set minimum comments required

Reward only regular commenters

You can allow readers to have keywords in their names but make sure you don't get blasted with fly-by keyword stuffers by setting a minimum amount of approved comments before they have the ability to show the keywords with their name.

You can even set the maximum keywords allowed to be left.

Set your own custom text to be displayed

Set your own custom text

Choose to display the rules for getting keywords in the name and show it below your comment form however you like

Deny all keywords

Deny ALL keywords

Not everyone wants to allow keywords in the name field so you can set the plugin to strip out any keywords that someone tries to add.

eg. if someone tried to leave Andy @ The ComLuv Network as their name, it would be stripped down to just Andy

ReplyMe Premium Benefits (included free)

Email Comment Replies

Send an email to a commenter when they get a direct reply
More >>

CANSPAM Compliant

Complies with current CANSPAM laws
More >>

Redirect First Comment

You can redirect a user on their first comment so you can encourage them to join your fanpage or list
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ReplyMe sends emails to commenters when they get a reply

ReplyMe will send an email to users when they get a direct reply to their comment using the template that you can set.

Users prefer to be notified only when they get a reply to their own comment rather than receive an email for every comment on the post.

This encourages more interaction to your site and helps to keep the engagement up on every post

Complies with all CANSPAM laws and enables users to completely opt out of receiving further reply notifications.

For the extra careful, you can set the plugin to require a user to tick a checkbox to receive reply notifications and the plugin wont send any if the user did not request any.

redirect first comment

You can choose any post or page on your site and send a user their directly after they make their first comment on your site.

Use this to let first time comments know how to subscribe to your blog or become a fan and thank them for their comment.

See What others have to say

"This plugin is gonna make my blog even better!"

How many emails do you get that truly make your day?!

I got one today and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this plugin!! Honestly, out of all of the hundreds of plugins in the WordPress world, I can honestly say that this is the one that’s the most genius!

- Keisha Easley

"the best all-in-one-solution for comment management around."

CommentLuv has always been my favorite WordPress plugin and now that I’m using the premium version I’m even more pleased with it.


- Ileane Smitth

"hit many birds with only one plugin!"

3 years of using CommentLuv on my blogs, now I can hit many birds with only one plugin!



- Hesham Zebida

"All I can say is WOW"

WOW! All I can say is WOW. The plugin is simply genius and I am sure that it will receive viral response.

The main thing I like about it is that the plugin comprises of quite some other popular plugins, thus helping us, bloggers, to cut down the number of plugins we use (you know that’s something awesome).

- Jane

"this is a great addition to the blogger’s toolkit"

I have been using CommentLuv for a while and I’m very thrilled to be using CommentLuv Premium now.

I love the fact that it integrates 8 plugins in one! This is good news as too many plugins contribute to slowing down blogs. So, it was great to get rid of 5 popular plugins at one go!

- Mavis

"CommentLuv Premium marks the new era of blog engagement."

Let me put this in a very simple way.. CommentLuv Premium marks the new era of blog engagement. Where else will you find a blogging tool that builds connections, rewards commenters, provides incentives to share your content to the social web, defend your blog from SPAM and more? 

- Francisco

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WP Dealpon bonus plugin

WP DealPon

Run your own groupon type offers with this useful WordPress premium plugin.

Show a countdown timer to really motivate the user to take action and click the button to buy or subscribe or visit.

(now at version 1.2)






WP Mail Ads Discounted PLR

WP Mail Ads

Add your own advert or message to every single email that your blog sends out.

Works with subscribe to comments (native) , lost passwords and any plugin that uses the wordpress system to send out emails.

You can encourage people to follow you on twitter, become a fan on facebook or even offer to sell the space to advertisers







Dashboard Widget Premium

Highlight lonely comments (comments that have not had a reply yet) in your dashboard and go directly to them to keep your readers happy.

Also shows the recent post of the comment authors blog so you always have somewhere to go to leave a reciprical comment!




Premium Headers Pack

Get an entire pack of PSD premium headers to add to your site or insert in to your posts.

Comes with an instructional video so you know exactly how to edit them and turn them in to works of art for your own use.

Only $197.. $87..!!!

Everyone gets the bonuses!

CommentLuv Premium